The Art of Carmanya

Carmanya believes in creating stories. What makes any art unique is what’s inside it, the essence of it. Exactly what helps us in creating pieces that define the very curve of your lifestyle. An effort to compliment who you are, Carmanya becomes a chapter in your life, an extension of your story. 

And just like yours, we have a story too.

Patience, art, and intricacy form the very foundation of our craft - “leather-work”, which is the literal translation of us, “Carmanya”! Through our foundation, we bring you the most premium of leather art known as “Patina”. If anything, the leather is loved for its weathered and battered look which carries years and years’ worth of stories, adventure, and knowledge. Patina is the sign of the ultimate essence of the purest leather.

Over time, a naturally developed sheen form on the leather which we call – “Patina”. Just like a perfect bottle of wine, which is at its best when aged, the natural Patina too takes its own sweet time. As the leather ages ever so gracefully, soaking in all the elements of the environment.

Only the unprocessed hides which are organically tanned can give you the true Patina. This is what we specialize in. To imply the most natural Patina effect we soak our leather in natural vegetable dyes along with some essential oils. Carefully hand painted, our hides are carefully soaked, dried, ironed, and aged for several months to develop the weathered look. A bit of shine here and a little darkening there; some scratches and scrapes, all these things add a unique character and personality to our leather which only grows more beautiful with time. A beauty that cannot be developed or created again; making you the sole owner of its kind.      

Carmanya -Telling your inside story. Defining, you.